PLASTISART wish you a pleasant visit to its website.

Who are we?

Founded in 1965, PLASTISART specialises in the manufacture, design, installation and maintenance of every kind of signage, identifying element and display product, both in Belgium and abroad.

Also active in the plastics and thermoforming industry, where our skills and our reliability is widely acknowledged, PLASTISART regularly accepts subcontracted work for not only professionals in visual communication, advertising, marketing and design, but also for industry.

Located in the industrial area of Martinrou in Fleurus, close to the Aéropole Science Park in Gosselies, our production plant is equipped with high-performance production tools (several large calibre thermoforming machines, CNC milling machine, paint booth, digital printer...).

Here’s what distinguishes PLASTISART:


Mastery of our trade

Continuous consideration of changing markets and emerging trends

Ongoing effort to develop techniques that are original or that respond directly to the request

Integration of various solutions, both in terms of technique and the material processed

PLASTISART is at your disposal to study and quantify your project, as much for a network of brands as for one-off creations for an independent business or shop.

For personalized information, contact us at 071/82.44.20 or via our online form.

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