Home / Introduction : The company PLASTISART specializes in the signs manufacturing as well as plastic and plexiglas advertising.

Illuminated signs : The company PLASTISART offers you a wide range of signs.

Neon : Call to PLASTISART, specialist of plastic thermoforming in Belgium, for all your neon.

Billboards – Awnings – Wraps : PLASTISART is at your service for the fabrication and installation of billboards.

Cut out and embossed letters, window & vehicle lettering : PLASTISART realizes cut out and embossed letters, window and vehicle lettering.

Totems & signage : Located in Belgium, the company PLASTISART offers you totems for signage in your building.

Pos displays & chromium-plated logos : The company PLASTISART specializes advertising at point of sale (POS) and display as well as creating chromium-plated logos.

Thermoformed signs & standard products : PLASTISART makes the signs thermoformed and series of signs with unique shapes.

Other components for industry and advertising : Expert in plastics processing and thermoforming, the company PLASTISART also offers you its expertise in the field of industry and advertising.

Contact and brochure : For more information, thank you kindly contact PLASTISART in Belgium.

Plastisart SA       Z.I. de martinrou Rue de Berlaimont       6220 Fleurus Belgique         Tél  :   +32(0)71/82.44.20       Fax   :  +32(0)71/82.44.29
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